High Pheasant Shooting at the Upperwood Estate with Ian Harford

Covering 5,000 acres in the Pennines and famed for its super high pheasant, the Upperwood shooting estate is home to some of the best sporting birds in Britain. Towering hillsides, magnificent scenery and spectacular typography offer an amazing day for everyone involved.

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On the previous episode of Great British Shooting, Team Wild TV followed Ian Harford and Owen Beardsmore hunting roebucks at sunrise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjmCIkvIws0

With windy conditions and the fog setting in, the first drive provided challenging birds as they appear from the clouds. Shooting into the fog can be pretty tricky, not only because the birds are difficult to spot but also you have to be careful about the backdrop. The mountain in front is pretty steep with beaters crossing and dogs working all the time. Not only do you have to pick the best birds flying over but you also have to ensure you’re taking safe shots.

Familiar with shooting his AYA No1 Delux Ian’s shotgun selection for this particular shoot is his Miroku MK60s with 32″ barrels, which, Ian admits takes a little getting accustomed with. Judging distance, range, lead, and speed are all difficult when visibility is limited. A challenging start to the day but a very enjoyable one.

Martin Stretton “What an incredible finish to an incredible day. Shooting at Upperwood has been very special with some of the highest birds I have ever seen.”

The Upperwood estate is a tremendous shoot. Not only has the day offered some truly brilliant and challenging pheasant shooting, it has been a real pleasure to spend time with a group of like minded people who have all come together to enjoy a fantastic day in the British countryside.

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