Hog hunt with a Atlanta Police Officer using 3D Night Vision

I was fortunate enough to have the chance to take a Atlanta Police officer hog hunting using the 3D Night Vision Slip on Rifle Scope Unit. This was his first hog hunt ever and to say he was excited is a understatement. I had hogs on camera every night until two days before when I went in and hung the stands and left my scent everywhere. Then not one single hog all night. Luckily I had already ordered Black Widow Deer Lures Hog Balls and talked to John Paul MacPherson with 704 Outdoors. He told me to sprinkle a few around, not in the bait site and that should help cover up my scent and attract them back in there. So that’s exactly what I did and you can see the results in the video. Thank you to all of our Military and Public Service Members, NO one would have these opportunities without ya’ll. Thank you for your support!!!

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