Incredible Goose Hunt 10-6-19

Incredible Goose Hunt 10-6-19 was a great morning of goose hunting in Door County, Wisconsin. Jason, Ricky, & Matt, were the hosts of the hunt. We were on site at 5:15 am to set up in anticipation for what the day would bring. It was a muddy wet mess as the month of September had almost 9“of rain. Winds were expected to be 15-20mph with gusts to 35 and did not disappoint, it was a very windy morning. We had a great time did very well sometimes and not so much at others. We did have problems with the geese noticing something wasn’t right circling overhead coming in, but then turning away at the last second, and just a little farther out than we’d liked. All in all it was a great day eight hunters, we got seventeen geese including two snow geese.

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