Utah General Season Deer Hunt 2015 – San Juan/Abajo Mountains

Our 2015 Utah General Season Mule Deer Hunt on the San Juan/Abajo Mountains unit hunting on both public and private land, with one buck harvested on each. The footage was shot with my Canon 70D and GoPro Hero 4 Silver using 18-135 STM and 70-300 lenses. My deer was taken with my Ruger Gunsite Scout with Leupold Scope Scope mounted forward and the standard Accuracy International magazine.

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Crooked Still – Wading Deep Waters
Spindrift – The Legend of Gods Gun
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Huge coyotes chase deer out of field

While bow hunting, just as I was about to make a shot, two coyotes ran 10 deer out of the field I was hunting. I was able to capture the second of two coyotes on film. The first was the more typical coloration for a coyote. Notice at the 10 second mark in the upper left corner of the screen you can see the last of the deer running for cover. While I know they do prey upon deer and other game species, I have no interest in killing coyotes where I hunt as I have not personally seen a negative impact on the deer population.

ScoutLook Ep 1: Nebraska Deer Hunting: Making Meat At Winnebago

ScoutLook’s Josh Dahlke drew an early season rifle tag to hunt whitetails at Winnebago Indian Reservation. Join him on this DIY adventure as he overcomes obstacles and attempts to fill three tags in 5 days. You won’t believe how it ends on the last night of the hunt, when Dahlke finally encounters a buck.

[THE HUNGER – Season 1, Episode 1]

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Bowhunt or Die Season 06 Episode 20: Wide Load

Todd Graf continues to hunt hard and move stand locations before catching up with a super wide buck that moved into his farm. Josh Fletcher bowhunts Wisconsin and finally has an opportunity to put a shot on a great whitetail. We also get an update from Tim Conley who shows off some fancy camera work down in Southern Indiana.
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