Pien – The Innu Drum and Caribou

Pien Penashue
Translated by Martha Hurley
When I play the drum I sing and it lets me know where the caribou are located. Whenever, my grand-children wants to go hunting, I would tell them where the caribou herd are going to be before they go on the caribou hunt. I give them few tips before they go caribou hunting and I would tell them not to kill the female caribou who are having the young ones. First, they have to aim to kill the male caribou. I explained to my grandchildren that when the see the caribou, the male caribou is always at the end of the line. For instance, it is always the male caribou who provides the food for all of us. Afterwards, we would hear back from the hunters, and they would send us back the message to say that they have killed 10 or more caribou. Pien chuckles and says “see what I told you, the hunters would say to their grandfather. How did you know that? They were surprised from all of what their grand-father said. Pien says, I already seen where the caribou were going to be and what was going to happen about the hunt.
See, see what happened I said. They believed me because it was true and they asked how I knew and my reply was because of my experience of dealing with the animals. And now, where I can’t see (blind) and for all that I have killed in the past. All of that my kills have gone to the hunters because I can’t hunt at all because I am blind. Today, and my vision has gone to the animals in a sense as the animals watched me, when I use to be able to hunt. The animals use to watch me when I use to hunt, I always brought back an animal, so did my relatives and my uncle’s . This is how it really is.

6 Year Old Hunting Turkey with the 22LR Chipmunk Rifle


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Here is his 1st Turkey! http://texasnative00.blogspot.com/2013/03/rio-grande-spring-turkey-hunting-in.html

I took my kids out for one last deer hunt before the season was over. It was difficult to keep them entertained but I tried my best with the donuts. The only thing that came up was two Rio Grande Turkeys so my son to a shot with his new Chipmunk 22 rifle. I think the pressure got to him because I’ve seen him shoot better. Oh well, there is always spring season coming.

This is a youth style gun with a shortened stock and short pistol grip for a length of pull that is more suitable for a child. These are great trainers for children interested in shooting. Once the rifle is outgrown by the kid, it will be an easy move up to a full sized rifle since working with the single shot and learning gun handling and safety will have been learned.

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SWA Caribou Video.wmv

Several Quebec Labrador Caribou hunts with Select Wilderness Adventures in Nunavik, the northern portion of the province of Québec. Video features rifle, bow and black powder kill shots and great arctic scenery. A variety of both female and male hunters. Lots of smiles and memories. Join Mike Labbe, of Select Wilderness Adventures, as he guides several hunters to succesful and memorable caribou hunts. Lots of trophy animals and action in this short hunting video. Caribou Hunting at its best in Northern Québec. Enjoy.

Coyote Hunting with AR-15: Invitation Only (DownWind Outdoors)

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The only thing better than arriving to your stand to hear an invitation howl from a lonely female coyote, is perhaps seeing one out in the field in front of you. Within a couple minutes of calling, both would soon come true for Eric and Andy who took to the field during the peak of mating season with an AR-15.

As they opened the doors of their truck and prepared their hunting gear and equipment, invitation howls began ringing from the property of woods in which they were headed. This coyote was essentially saying, “I would like company” or “I am ready for a mate.” With a sense of distance and location, the DWO team devised their setup to lure in this vocal coyote without detection. Using an interrogation howl to alert the coyote that “a mate is here”, and the sounds of rabbit distress to say “and I have food,” they were able to call this dog in rather quickly. The team sat and waited before calling futher to allow enough time for the dog to travel into them. Before they could even believe it, the coyote was right out in front of them at 100 yards.

Shooter: Eric Lawler
Videographer: Andy DelliVeneri

Species: Eastern Coyote
Weight: 37 Pounds
Sex: Female
Date: 2/4/2012
TOD: 6:30 am
Temperature: 29°

Call: Crack Howler, and DWO Signature Series made by Crack – Long range
Cottontail Rabbit

Rifle: Custom AR-15 .223
Scope: Nightforce 5.5-22x56mm
Bipod: Harris 27″

Camera 1: Sony FX-1000
Camera 2: GoPro Hero HD

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