Long Range Hunting. 608 Yard Whitetail Buck

This is a buck a friend shot on the last weekend of the Montana season. The grass was very tall, and it was difficult to get any closer without spooking the deer. He had to shoot from a sitting position with a Harris 12-25 up front, and the Double Cross Large (DCL) at the rear. The deer walk around a lot, and eventually bedded down, making it easier to get set up.For more info on the Bipod Buddy check out www.BipodBuddy.com

coyote hunting – dead coyote – Two if by Shotgun @ 25 and 35 yds

Deciding to try for some shotgun footage we brought out an electronic call…with a good wind blowing, we set up a feather decoy next to the caller and sat downwind hoping for some close-up action…the first coyote cooperates by coming within 20 yds — Hornady Varmint Express #4 Buck does the job at 25yds…and again on the last stand of the day at 35 yds to finish off a rifle wounded coyote…

Woodland Caribou drilled and killed with a Hoyt bow using a decoy!

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Brett and Grant Foster travel from their homes near Salt Lake City Utah to Newfoundland Canada to hunt Woodland Caribou. They are hunting with Ray’s hunting and fishing lodge. The Fosters booked this hunt through Bowhunting Safari Consultants 800-833-9777 I have personally booked several hunts through BSC and I have 100% confidance in them! Give them a call @ 800-833-9777 for a varity of species you are interested in hunting! In this clip Brett smokes a Woodland Caribou with his Hoyt compound bow. Congratulations Paul Korn A-1 Archery

Both guys take nice Caribou and Brett’s guide Scott captures his hunt on video for A-1 Archery Hunt’N (365) No Off Season! Way to go guys!

Deer Hunting: First Buck Kill During The Chase Phase Of The Rut

From GrowingDeer.tv: Hunting deer during the first week of Missouri’s gun season and a big buck comes out! It’s a hunt we won’t forget! It took a lot of work to get ready for this hunt, but all the work and planning this past summer paid off big dividends. Watch this episode (in the stand at 01:57 and the kill shot at 05:50) to see a nice buck killed with a long shot of 267 yards. I love it when a plan comes together!
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Minnesota Whitetail Big Buck 10 Point 11-14-11 – Whitetail Deer Hunting in Lake of the Woods County

The Wigwam Fisherman’s first buck! Sorry for no kill shot, but I guess that’s what you get when you do videos with your phone…haha. It was fun none the less and I didn’t want to miss the deer while monkeying around with my phone. This is a day that I will remember for the rest of my life. It dressed out at 190 lbs…I was truly blessed this day in “Gods Country”. I shot this on State land…LOW County has it all!

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