Randy’s 2018 Bull Elk – The Real Gunsmith

Hello this is Bryon with Ravenhawk Media. I produce the videos for Randy’s channel The Real Gunsmith. Randy and I decided to try our luck this fall elk hunting with the intent that one of us shoot an elk on camera. We spent a few good days in the saddle with no luck and decided to wait a few days for some colder weather to move in. One morning a couple days later I got a call from Randy. I answered the phone and he said “I need my camera man, I shot a good bull this morning!”. I quickly arranged my schedule and headed up the canyon to meet Randy. His friend Ron got in town the night before and that morning Randy and Ron decided to drive up the canyon and see if they could see anything. As luck would have it they caught a small herd cross the road and head up the mountain. Randy was able to park and get set up for the shot before they moved out of range. He couldn’t pass up the opportunity as hunting had been slow. The rest of the story is told in the video.

Photos by Randy’s wife Cathy Selby.

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