Running coyote kill! Foxpro Inferno review | Suppressed hunt | Silencerco Vortex Ruger

Now that we have had this call for over a year, here is our HONEST thoughts! Bonus: a big male coyote gets SMASHED at 150 yards on a full SPRINT! Is the Foxpro Inferno the right call for you and your tactics??

30 Seconds LOCATOR
30 Seconds FEMALE HOWL

Ruger Precision Rifle 308
SilencerCo Omega Suppresor
Vortex Diamondback 6-24x
Hornady Superformance 150 Gr

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Sony AX53 Camcorder
Rode Shotgun Microphone
Rode tripod

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We have a lot of giveaways on this channel and if you want to know if they are real, go back to my old posts and message the winners!We work with some amazing companies to help us put together the giveaways and we owe them a huge thanks! Rackology, Rack Bracket, and Texas Raised Hunting Products

Shield Outdoors was started by me, the lead speaker, Brad. My brother Joe has joined me and we do almost everything together when it comes to our silly adventures. We have always loved the outdoors, hunting, fishing, hiking, scouting, prepping, boating, shooting, and archery. We use to always talk about how “no one will believe that just happened!” OR “man if we recorded that, it would go viral” OR “I really wish we filmed that!” With all of that in mind, we bought some cameras! I figured if we would be in the outdoors, we might as well be filming everything.

Our goal is very simple, to share our experiences. Who knows where this will take us but at the very minimum we will have all these memories to share and enjoy for years to come!

Texas Raised Hunting Products
SERIOUS DEER HUNTERS- PAY ATTENTION! TRHP makes one of the most convincing products I have ever seen. And in today’s market, a market that is FLOODED with deer scent companies, I can understand if you are skeptical. However, these products are the real deal. They make everything for the rut, scent killers and cover scents, doe in estrus, and my favorite Curiosity Scent! They have even expanded to coyote and wild pig attractants! Go check em out now in the off season, I promise you will see a difference in trail cam pics!

Just a few videos for these products
Curiosity scent –……
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Rack Bracket

This company makes the BEST, EASIEST TO INSTALL, and MOST SIMPLE design for your European mounts. They are also the best price point at under $20 for basic brackets. Most other companies online are wanting $70 or more for brackets that don’t even pivot! These brackets pivot 70 degrees and I can’t speak enough about their simplicity!

European skull video –…


We use Rackology for a LOAD of things, from food plots, to attractants, to nutritional supplements, and even just to get deer in front of the camera. These products are backed with ingredient lists and guaranteed analysis so you know this is not some pretty label and big business scheme! The deer love this stuff and will dig a crater out of the ground trying to get more and more!

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