Scouting on Duck Season Eve with Jase Robertson FULL VIDEO

Jase Robertson has a new method for scouting.

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Out Deer hunting

Out Deer hunting after 7 hours and not seeing one deer I decided to call it a day. Better luck next time
#deerhunting #selfsufficient #homesteading

Haywire Homestead is a small 5 acres farm in SW Ohio. We raise Boer goats, chickens tand ducks for meat and eggs. We also grow a pesticide free garden and can/preserve what we harvest.

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We are still new to this homesteading thing and have a started a wish list of the things we feel would make things easier for us here.

The Last Hoorah | Hunt for GIANT Manitoba Whitetail | Bear Horizon Episode 5

Clay Newcomb travels to the far north and is confronted with six days of hard hunting. On the last day of the hunt he takes a risky stalk that ends in an all day sit waiting for the giant Manitoba buck he’d seen at daylight. This was Clay’s second year hunting giant whitetail deer in Manitoba Canada with Tom Ainsworth of Grandview Outfitters.


Catch & Cook Pheasant Hunting With The Firebox Wood Fueled Camping Stove!

Catch & Cook Pheasant Hunting With The Firebox Wood FueledCamping Stove!

I was invited to join a private pheasant hunt with family and thought it would be nice to cook up some of the harvest right in the field. Tasted amazing! Fried the still warm breast meat from a ring neck pheasant and a chucker in lots of butter. II ran the Firebox Stove on charcoal, which worked out perfectly!

A special thanks to my cousins who were nice enough to let me tag along.

Camp power washer link:

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