Midwest Coyote Hunting: Tad Successful (DownWind Outdoors)

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DownWind Outdoors heads to South Fork Outfitting, Illinois to escape from the deep snow of New York. After striking out on eight called in coyotes over three days, the owner of South Fork Outfitting, Tad Peter, sends the perfect shot on a willing midwestern coyote.

Shooter: Eric Lawler
Videographer: Eric Lawler

Species: Midwestern Coyote
Weight: 36 Pounds
Sex: Male
Date: 3/3/2015
TOD: 5:45 pm
Temperature: 30°

Call: DWO Signature Series

Rifle: Remington Model 700
Scope: Leupold VX-L 6-20x56mm
Stock: H-S Precision
Trigger: Jewell
Cartridge: Hand Loaded .22-250 Remington, 55gr Nosler Varmegaddon
Bipod: Harris 13.5-27″ pivot
Camo: Duracoate

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Alberta Pea Field Duck Hunting – Fowled Reality

Duck hunters dream of hunting in Canada. It’s the breeding grounds for waterfowl, birds are abundant, and they haven’t received much hunting pressure yet. Farming practices are much different than here in the US which has both positives and negatives.

Our first duck hunt of 2015 took place in eastern Alberta in mid-October. We hunted a pea field that had thousands of all species of waterfowl in it leading up to the hunt. It made for a spectacle of ducks and geese at first light which left us constantly switching calls depending upon the species of birds that was looking the best. Pea fields are cut short and the hide was limited, but the Hard Core Run N Gunners gave us a chance to get hidden thanks to their low profile build.

The end result was an awesome first hunt in Alberta shooting both ducks and geese.

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Turkey Hunting: We’re Ready, Are You?

The gang is ready for an early season south Florida turkey hunt. In preparation for turkey hunting, they’re testing a new turkey load, sighting in the shotguns, and packing the decoys! Watch this video as they get the turkey hunting gear ready, then move on to working with area hunters to form the first ever Branson Deer Co-op!
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A majestic Sable antelope Hunt in Africa

Hunting antelopes is an impressive recreation hunting-game, it is the largest horned antelope only beat by the kudu. Many hunters take pride in hunting this beautiful trophy antelope and it is a favorite plains game species. The bulls become very aggressive during the rut season, at this time of year they fight each other. this is a great opportunity for hunters to to prey on the sable, when they are distracted. you can also use an estrus soaked rug to lure the male into a hiding spot.

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