Opening Day Duck Hunting in Wyoming – 2018 Wingmen Hunt

Duck hunting flooded corn is a 2018 opening day treat for the Wingmen in Wyoming. Todd Helms and crew enjoy a mixed bag morning waterfowl hunt bagging mallards, teal, gadwall, spoonbill and a bonus Canada goose. Learn the strategy behind hunting standing corn when possible.

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Youth Gets His First Whitetail Deer Crossbow Kill | Kentucky Youth Crossbow Kill

Well after a sweet start to the season, we were able to get one more kill on the ground for you guys just before the October Lull. This ones pretty special, as youth ties his first deer with a crossbow and we were able to capture it all on camera! Hope you enjoy!






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Duck Hunting Oregon Opener 2018

Had a great day out during the Oregon 2018 Waterfowl Season Opening Weekend.

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