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Deer Hunting in Missouri: Father/Son Success

What’s a better way for a father and son to spend time together than enjoying the great outdoors. Seth Harker and his son Trace hunt through the ups and downs of deer season, and reap the rewards of hard work and determination! Tag your favorite hunting buddy!

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Incredible Moment Deer Approaches , Nuzzles Hunters
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The incredible moment a young wild buck approaches a family of squirrel hunters and curiously nuzzles the father.

It first approaches the children, seemingly nonplussed, before approaching the filmer, the father, and licking and nibbling at his jeans.
They whisper so as not to scare it away.

“They never saw it again and nothing like this has happened to them since,” said the family.

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New Mexico Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting Middle Rio Grande Valley.

Flocks were slow at times, but when we could get them to work we made the shots. Attempted go pro footage, but either ran out of battery, or didn’t push record.

If you have any tips for my videos please shoot a comment. Really want to try and get a youtube channel going and would love some feedback.