Up North Deer Hunting Vlog

I’ve decided to spend the week up North, in the Northwoods of Wisconsin hunting some public land that I grew up hunting on. Van life affords me opportunities like this now that my grandparents no longer live in the area. I’m trying to bag a buck, but the trip is more about scouting for gun season and enjoying the last of the fall colors.

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Coyote Hunting: THERMAL IMAGING- 8

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VORTEX BINOCULARS: https://amzn.to/2zGn3J3

LEUPOLD BINOCULARS: https://amzn.to/2Su83oB

“The Jamie Spears buck, Deer Hunting an Ohio Giant, a True OG Big Buck”

The Jamie Spears buck is a true Ohio Giant, and one of whitetail deer huntings greatest bucks. With 17 inch points, a 22 inch inside spread, and beams stretching to 30 inches, this OG is one of Ohio’s finest whitetails. The gross typical frame is very impressive at 203 inches, and even after 10 inches of abnormal point deductions, this big buck still has a net record book score of 186 7/8 inches. Filmed at the 2019 Ohio Whitetail Rendevous. Many more videos to come so hit that subscribe button!

Robertson County Texas Hog Hunting

The wind finally laid enough for the animals to start moving again after the last little cool front. We received a little over 2 inches of rain and the fields are wet. This pig was about 140 yards behind the shop. The shot was a little far back but I followed up with another shot to make sure he stayed down. 7.62 x 39 caliber with a 125 grain soft point bullet did the trick. Comments are welcome and thank you for watching. To see more of my video’s please search “Robertson County Texas Hog Hunting” here on YouTube.


Single mission to retrieve my marsh stool left on opening day turned good real quick! First duck was a drake woody. Which happened to be my first ever! He is getting mounted! Ended up 1 short of a limit due to lack of aim😂 overall successful hunt to say the least.

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