GIANTS ON DECK AND IN YOUR FACE – Goose Hunting the Front Range of Colorado 2020 with David Wise!

This was one of those hunts where it all comes together. We got our 4 man limit by 9:30 AM. Our good buddy David Wise brought his friend Luke along for his first goose hunt and it’s safe to say he is ruined after this one lol.

The first group of 12 giants comes right into the hole and we drop 8! Within a minute we drop 7 out of the next group and the great shooting continues. It only took one more group and a single later we were done!

Davids camera guy Justin was there filming with a RED as well so check out the video they will put of in a couple weeks:

Hunter’s 1st Buck! Whitetail Deer Hunting in South Carolina

We got to go deer hunting with Billy and Nick at Red Bluff Lodge in South Carolina and we were lucky enough to be there to capture Billy’s first buck ever! If you’re a hunter, you can all relate…it’s not about the size of the rack when you get your first buck that makes it so special!
You can find out more about deer and dog hunting in South Carolina and book an awesome hunt at

💥 SHOTS FIRED 💥 | Texas Wild Hog Hunting | Southern Ground Hunting
Parker’s back in Texas chasing wild hogs! This video starts off on a dog hunt and ends on a saddle hunt. Both days the guys get into pigs and some shots may have been fired!!!

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Hunt for the Zombie Buck! Whitetail Deer Spot and Stalk Hunting with a Ravin Crossbow

We’re on the hunt with Cullen and Gene from Freedom Hunt, an organization that helps provide hunts for kids! This time, the local farmers and landowners have asked if we can attempt to remove a buck with wild growths all over it….the Zombie Buck! When we see an opportunity to get out of the blind and make a spot and stalk attempt with the Ravin Crossbow, we go for it!

Bow Hunting In Da Dwamp 2 (2019 deer hunting)

This video is the continued efforts of Jude trying to harvest a buck or a doe on public land before the (bucks only) riffle season opens.

Hunting public land in South Louisiana is hard and it’s even harder when you are using a bow. Jude is not only trying to harvest a deer but he is also scouting at the same time. That way, when the rifle season opens, he has an idea of where he needs to hunt.

Will he harvest a deer in this episode? Or will he be JUST one step closer to harvesting a deer on public land for late season?

Click the link below to watch Part 1: