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wolf coyote hunt coming up

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Coyote calling, bobcat, and hog hunting in TX Part4 / Using a diaphragm for distress sounds

Still night hunting in Texas Serling uses an MFK diaphragm to make distress sounds. very important tool to have while predator hunting.

Coyote calling and predator hunting at its best! Coyote Peterson doesn’t have anything on us! All we do is eat, breath and sleep coyote hunting. Predator calling is one of the fastest and most popular sports in the hunting arena today. That being said we strive to film the best coyote hunting and predator calling action on the youtube. Steve Criner, the Dog Soldier, his mission is to help people become the best predator callers they can be along with providing the best reviews and equipment you can get. As a world champion, the Dog Soldier, knows what it takes to make the right sounds and build the best calls the coyote hunting market has ever seen.

Dog Soldier calls: