Is this a buck? Michigan Deer Hunting 2018

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I’m not sure what month do deer shed their antlers. But I think I’ve seen a couple bucks that have shed their antlers. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t but I know a lot of people want to know does it hurt when deer shed their antlers.

I’m looking forward to spring and summer when do deer grow their antlers so I can see what bucks survived. I’m not sure when do deer shed antlers in michigan because the state has such a big difference in weather from the lower to upper peninsula.

I’ve seen shed antlers for sale online but I would definitely keep any antlers for myself or family. I know when do deer shed their velvet , which is mid september. I believe this year with the fluctuation of weather that December is what month do deer shed their antlers.
I’m not sure how much are deer sheds worth but I assume they have more value the bigger they are.

I would like to find some deer sheds 2018 But it seems to be shed hunting season. Hunting in Mid Michigan has been amazing this year. I’ve seen more deer this year than I ever have. I’ve especially seen more big mid michigan bucks than I ever have. Usually I’ll be after one large dominant buck that I only see once or twice a year. But this year I was chasing three to five specific bucks. Unfortunately none of them wanted to come onto my property. Which is unfortunate.

I have two days left to hunt on my property but I’m not sure how it will come together. It seems like the bucks on the property have lost their antlers. When big bucks lose their antlers it’s hard to determine what you’re hunting.

I was hunting with my compound bow in a tree stand. I was excited to be back in my bow stand because it’s up higher and I can see a lot more of the neighboring property. Hunting from a tree stand is my favorite way of hunting.

Deer hunting in Michigan has been fun. I really want to venture out for the 2019 deer hunting season and hunt some near by states like Iowa, Illinois and Ohio. I would really like to hunt in Kentucky as well. Maybe Minnesota in the early fall.

I plan on looking for some deer sheds. I would love to find a good big michigan deer shed. I’ve never really looked for deer antlers on our property but it’s something I’m going to have to do hopefully I will find a nice mid michigan deer shed. I’d say the shed hunting season has started. But for now I need to finish up my late december deer hunting. Late December hunting in michigan this year is rather warm.

It’s weird that the weather is so warm this year. Which is why it’s very possible that there are deer shedding antlers early. I snowed In november and now it’s warm so maybe the bucks are losing their antlers early this year.

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