Episode 497, Interview with Ben La Londe of Outdoor Channel, Deer Hunt with Dr. James Kroll,…

This week we interview Outdoor Channel Videographer Ben La Londe

Where Ben has been in the past year Hunted in Old Mexico with Dr. James Kroll a.k.a. Dr. Deer Doc has been working with deer for 48 years Ben talks about his hunting experience in Michigan Hunting with Doc he found out quickly he had a lot to learn about deer Dr. Deer How important deer are to Doc Weather in Mexico during the hunt Combat Marine Outdoors Ben got to hunt with the Veterans group as well Dinner and a photo! Ben got the opportunity to hunt a management buck Snortwheeze Bullwinkle Ben’s buck! How has the hunt with Doc changed your expectations if hunting in Michigan Appreciation and Respect for hunting Why we hunt Our experiences are not to be taken for granted Does Ben hunt turkey? Experiencing Grizzly or Brown bears upclose and personal Alaskan experience What has Ben learned by being around these experienced hunters? We’re going to get what we give! Forestry stewardship

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